Frankenstein’s Book Review

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We review the book we’ve been reading for English class

Mary Shelley, who wrote Frankenstein, was born on the 30th August 1797, in London. Mary Shelley didn’t have a very good childhood. Her mother died and she had to teach herself. In 1816 she started writing Frankenstein and only 600 copies were printed because she was a young unknown woman. Finally, in 1851, she died without having known success. 

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The book talks about how Victor Frankenstein, who had a great interest in the sciences, decides to create life, art of death, putting together pieces of different corpses. After creating the creature, Victor abandons it because he says he looks like a monster. But, the so-called “monster” only wants to be loved. The creature feels very sad because everyone is afraid of him. Then he decides to take revenge on Victor and kills the more important people for Victor. Then Victor chooses the monster to the north where there is only londiness and ruled, and there Victor finally dies. 

The plot is amazing and intriguing. The fact that Frankenstein creates life out of death is very interesting. We recommend this book to people over the age of eight who have an interest in science fiction. Hope you like it!


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